Wait, What?

It’s only been 18 months, so why not post again?

Since last we spoke, I have found employment, moved (again), fried my laptop hard drive, had a group of nice paramedics take me to the emergency room because my world was spinning, started and finished some art projects, started even more projects in my head (I’ve a lovely gallery up there), installed a new hard drive, (insert a bunch of stuff here) and redesigned “My Stuff”.

I’m in the process of uploading some “stuff” to new “rooms” I’m currently “constructing”. To start with, there are a couple of project pages up from my time at Steven D. Pults, AIA, & Associates with more to follow. I have some samples of my photography and photos of art work waiting in the editing room which will be up soon.

This time, the next post should be a lot sooner than 18 months. Feel free to check out what I’ve put up elsewhere, but for now, here’s a photo of Shalimar (top) and Sophie (bottom) doing what they do best:


Until next time,

citizen silva


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