Architecture & Design Overview

These are projects I managed while working for Steven D. Pults, AIA & Associates in San Luis Obispo, California from 1998-2008. During most of my time there I worked with one other architect on our small but effective Healthcare team. We primarily concentrated on hospital remodels in Orange, Fullerton and Napa, California for the St Joseph Health System. A quick count: I worked on three MRI suites, three emergency generator installations, a few CT Scan suites, a couple of imaging centers, X-Ray/RF rooms, patient care rooms, a women’s center, one vending machine relocation, and a host of projects I’m forgetting. Other work included several medical outpatient and commercial tenant improvements around San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area and a winery in Paso Robles, California. The majority my on-site visits were for the local projects and the Napa hospital where I was able to photograph the projects in progress and on final walk-throughs.

Please note (I’m not sure I have to say this, but I’m going to anyway to avoid confusion):

Although I worked on the projects featured in this section, I understand that all of the projects are property of Steven D. Pults, AIA & Associates. All work in this area was project managed in part or completely by me under the guidance and support of one of the Project Architects in the office. There were times when the designs were handled either by the Architect, by myself, or were a collaboration with the Architect. Unless stated otherwise, the designs were in place before they were turned over to me for the construction document phase.