Art Gallery

I grew up drawing, mostly with crayons. During architecture school we found ourselves sketching, making models, and painting. My sketching has turned into pen and ink drawings, model making has turned into found object sculptures, and I’ve started making jewelry in addition to continuing to paint. At any given time I have about a dozen projects in the works. I work on a project when something sparks inspiration to continue and leave it when the inspiration dissipates. Because of this, some projects take years to complete: End Of Species Treize took 13 years to complete and others have been gestating for a few years now. Others come together extremely fast: the Steampunk Necklace and Ring took two days from idea to completion, the Tie Clip took about six hours, Whiskey Rebellion 1791 four days.

Side note: I am aware that End Of Species Treize looks similar to the sketches and final designs for the movie Futurekill. I am a huge fan of H.R. Giger’s work and I’m sure something in my subconscious informed the final product but, having spent 13 years working on the painting on and off, I don’t remember what the original influence was.