KCPR Station Remodel

Sometime in 2003, I was asked to join a group that was researching the potential of remodeling the existing spaces that housed the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student run KCPR radio station. After several rounds of changes we finally created a proposal which we presented to the Journalism Department Board. The plan was great but the proposal fell on deaf ears. Eventually the department traded our highly visible large square footage space to the Graphic Communications Department for smaller square footage space within which an even more claustrophobic space was designed.

The intent of the proposal was to re-develop the existing space so that there was room for future growth as well as giving both the music staff and the broadcast news staff a more state of the set of studios within which they could build on their history of broadcasting excellence. Unfortunately, the Journalism Department had never seen KCPR’s music side as a necessary part of the department and the broadcast news side had not been properly supported since there had been no news casts or news programming scheduled for several quarters. All in all, a lesson learned for all involved and the music staff continues to soldier on.

Below are the plans and elevations I drew for the proposal as well as the written portion as presented to the Journalism Department.

Existing Plan

Proposed Plan

Proposed Elev/Sect