Photo Gallery

I view my photography as another tool that I can use to express myself artistically. When I was in college I started to become a little more serious about photography when I bought a Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom AF point and shoot. Nothing special, but I was hooked. Having borrowed a manual film camera for a black and white photography class my last year of school, I began to see my potential when using a camera which offered greater control over how to take the photos.

After graduation I bought an old Canon AE-1 Program manual camera. That camera went everywhere with me, including the front row of several rock concerts and documenting the growth of my nephew. Eventually I bought a Panasonic Lumix Digital camera to supplement the AE-1 and it taught me to embrace digital photography. Recently, I was graciously gifted a Canon EOS Rebel T4i which, like the AE-1, will greatly expand what I can capture on film. I’m also becoming handy with an iPhone camera, see the website photo above.

There are boxes of prints to scan and a stack SD cards to process. I look forward to growing this gallery and sharing the world as I see it through my cameras.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i Gallery (coming soon)

Panasonic Lumix Gallery

Canon AE-1 Program Gallery (coming soon)

Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom AF (coming soon)